Karate Down Payment
6-Week Self-Defense

Self defense manual and DVDs

$ 100 USD

This is a comprehensive 3 DVD series that covers everything you need to know to stop attackers dead in their tracks. It doesn't matter if they are armed, bigger than you, or more skilled. This is what the Israeli military teaches its Special Ops teams. It is all you need to survive just about anything the world can throw at you. Best of all, you don't need tremendous strength or ability to get capable. These DVDs will show you how to incapacitate an attacker with one simple move anyone can do. They will show you how to terminate an attacker with your bare hands if it comes to that. They will show you how to deal with attackers with guns and knives. They will show you how to get to a point of reference- that is a position you feel 100% comfortable with- in just 2 or 3 steps, regardless of how the attack started. Once you get there, you will do the same things every time. Things you will become proficient at. Every technique will give you choices of what to do with your attacker once you have him in the point of reference. The series is designed in a teaching format and is of excellent quality. No matter what your background, you will learn valuable new techniques of self-defense designed to work even in the most extreme circumstances. Don't wait another day to get this important information.

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